Our Experience

We have supported a wide range of clients operating in many sectors including disablement and disfigurement, regeneration, learning & education, employment and young people advocacy.

The nature of our support has been various including:

  • Developing new strategies
  • Leadership coaching
  • Establishing new governance arrangements
  • Trustee workshops and development programmes
  • Designing change programmes
  • Supporting new information technology programmes
  • Developing new fundraising and social media strategies
  • Developing performance measurement programmes

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Mergers & Collaboration Assignments


CaVSA & The Fulham Community Partnership Trust

We assisted CaVSA  (the CVS for Hammersmith and Fulham ) and The Fulham Community Partnership Trust in their successful merger . We provided a clear framework and approach for the merger process, project management support on a weekly basis to ensure all the numerous actions were completed on time; as well as sounding board and governance advice to the two Chairs of the Trustees and the CEOs. In addition, we provided focussed input on communications, facilitated key Joint Trustee Meetings and presented at the AGM.
See case study videos – Peter Okali, CEO of CaVAS  talks about his experiences and learning”


Three Community Service Volunteers Offices

For three neighbouring CVS in West London, we assisted in providing independent advice and a structured process for exploring the possibility and potential for a three-way merger. After completion of a preliminary feasibility assessment, it was concluded that a three-way merger was not practical. After further exploration for two of the remaining CVS, both parties decided to pursue alternative partners within their own Borough. 


Volunteer Centre and a CVS

For a Volunteer Centre and a CVS in West London exploring the option of merger, we provided assistance in assessing the feasibility of merger and then in developing a more detailed “due diligence”. We provided both Project Management support and facilitated joint meetings of the Boards of Trustees and separately helped the Chairs address issues of Governance and Leadership. Ultimately, after full consideration, the decision was made not to proceed, but to review alternative strategic options.


Westway Trust

For Westway Trust, we are working with the Trustees and Leadership team to review and develop a new Vision and Strategy. We have provided strategic advice, a structured process and an independent sounding board to the CEO and the Executive Team. Our assistance to date has included preparation and facilitation of a number of Strategic and Vision workshops for both the Executive team and The Board of Trustees. 


Two London Charities

We helped facilitated the coming together of two consortia established by smaller charities in London to bid for new contracts. This involved discussion with the Board of Trustees, support in addressing the membership and governance issues and facilitating a meeting of the two Chairs and the CEO.


First Step

For First Step, a charity providing support to pre school children with disabilities, we have provided a regular sounding board and organisational advice to both the CEO and the Chair of Trustees. We are helping the Board of Trustees develop a six year strategic plan which recognizes how their funders and service users’ expectations are evolving; the demographics of their locality is likely to change and incorporates the impact of the Children & Families Act 2014.


Vital Regen

For Vital Regen, we helped identify, map and prioritise a number of potential collaboration candidates for a charity wishing to consciously use its strengths in collaboration as part of its strategy to expand its reach and capabilities.  In undertaking the study , we developed a database tool , drawing on the Charities Commission data,which allowed us to search under different criteria


Family Matters

For Family Matters we supported two charities seeking to collaborate in the area of family and relationship support who wished to share management and facilities. We facilitated meetings of the trustees and helped draft and negotiate a formal collaboration agreement which helped both charities achieve their respective aims.


For a charity considering a merger we acted as a sounding board to the CEO on a confidential basis to think through the issues and structure an outline plan. Ultimately the merger, after due diligence discovered pension liabilities, did not go ahead.

General Assignments


The Burned Childrens Club

  • Organisational effectiveness study
  • Conference assistance

Open Door

  • Strategy review (inc. options for next stage of growth / development)
  • Executive support
  • Change programme support

Changing Faces

  • Organisational effectiveness (inc. strategy, organisation structure, and governance)
  • Market research
  • Social medial strategy
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Leadership coaching

Robert Owen Communities

  • Programme Management support – skills training

The Charles Hayward Foundation

  • Organisation effectiveness Study
  • Performance measurement system

Vital Regeneration

  • Facilitation workshops for strategy & organisational design
  • Support for change programme
  • System selection
  • Trustee strategy workshops

Children’s Burns Trust

  • Strategy review
  • Organisational effectiveness (inc. new management structures, planning, fund raising)


  • System selection and implementation advice
  • Trustee Governance support
  • Web site design

First Step

  • Organisational review – to support change of leadership
  • Executive support for change/development programme

Youth at Risk

  • Management information requirements and systems

Wooden Spoon

  • Trustee development programme
  • Social media strategy support

Burns Survivors Association

  • Market research
  • Organisational effectiveness
  • Conference assistance