Our consultants are currently working in a variety of blue-chip businesses and Third Sector organisations in the UK.  The consultants support our services by conducting the background research, fact-finding interviews, option evaluations and workshops around the edges of their normal working day.




Skylark / Third Sector Experience

Sarah-Boucher-W Sarah Boucher
  • Studying for a Graduate Diploma in Law at University of Law, Guildford
  • BA History
  • Completed a socio-economic group research project, producing a presentation for a trustee strategy workshop, as part of a bigger programme to assist  building a six year strategic plan.
  • Completed a detailed market analysis for a charity, the output was presented in a Board Paper.
  • Supported the design and facilitation of a strategy development workshop for a charity’s Trustees and senior staff.
Claire Bunning
  • Fundraising – business partnership
  • International Charity
  • BA English & Drama
  • CIM Marketing Diploma
  • Managed social media review including competitor analysis for a children’s charity
  • Participated in workshop to generate new marketing options for Education Service
  • Supported development of Skylark Network positioning and communications around offer
  • Supported and participated in external interview programme to research Charity Collaboration
Sonia Cochet
  • HR Director
  • Currently working for a global Human Rights NGO
  • Previous management consultancy experience – Organisational Development & Performance improvement
  • MSc Organisational Psychology
  • Two years full time experience as Organisational Development leader for a National children’s charity
  • Currently supporting a merger between two charities in South West for Skylark
  • Designed and delivered an employee survey for a National UK charity (Changing Faces)
Sophie Evans
  • MA International Intelligence & Security
  • BA International Relations & Politics
  • Humanitarian Research Sector
  • LLB Law
  • Working on private sector, humanitarian and military collaboration for leading London research institute with expertise in communications
  • Managed jointly social media communications strategy with the objective of raising membership, awareness and fundraising
  • Currently supporting Skylark Principles on communications
  • Support in the design of Skylark Collaboration and Merger Methodology
 Bal Hegedus-Pickvance
  • Managing Consultant – Transition and Transformation Programme Director
  • Target Operating Models – Organisational Development and Change
  • Health Sector, Central Government and Financial Services
  • Top four accounting / professional services firm
  • BSc Computing and Maths
  • Social Media strategy to facilitate client support, public awareness and marketing for leading charity.
  • Research and development of methods for collaboration in the 3rd Sector.
Zara-KingZara King
  • Senior strategy associate for large UK private health company
  • Background in management consultancy for global health and lifescience companies
  • BSc Economic History
  • Competitor analysis for a SEN charity
  • Supporting development of medium term strategy for community charity, post merger
Emma-LoughEmma Lough
  • Project manager and adviser at a welfare rights NGO.
  • Member of the Bar of England and Wales, Major Scholar of the Inner Temple
  • LLB Law
  • BA History
  • Project management reviewing welfare service delivery by local and central government, taking cases forward to the Local Government and Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman.
  • Deliver training for third sector advisers and lawyers in welfare law and mental health.
  • Deliver workshops for leading law firms on benefits and representing vulnerable clients at tribunal appeals.
  • Experience volunteering with a number of human rights, social justice and crime prevention organisations, including as a sub-committee member of the Human Rights Lawyers’ Association.
Jenny Master
  • Project and Change Management
  • National Children’s Charity
  • BA History
  • Jointly managed research of High Net Worth Individuals as part of fundraising plan
  • Supported obtaining user / beneficiary input into design of a children’s charity’s website
  • Supported brainstorm/workshop to generate ideas for an education charity gala event
  • Designed and managed interview programme into Charity Collaboration research
  • Engaged in providing a sounding board for charity leaders during a key period of change
  • Contributed to the development of merger methodology and suite of tools to aid charities embarking on the path to collaboration and/or merger
Hanna-Pine-WHannah Paine
  • Project Management & Consultancy, Public Sector
  • Global IT Firm
  • BA International Relations and Business with Sustainability
  • Currently supporting the account team for the integration phase of an active merger project
  • Managed a department within US based animal charity
Alice Whitney
  • Project Manager in Global insurance Firm
  • Previously, Management Consultant in Top four accounting / professional services firm
  • BA Psychology
  • Behavioural and culture change experience within top financial services firms
  • Change management and culture specialist for post merger integration
  • Supporting in the design of the Skylark collaboration & merger methodology
 Tim Whitney
  • Solicitor – Family Law
  • Large UK Law Firm
  • BA Philosophy
  • LLB Law
  • Joint leader of High Net Worth project as part of public giving strategy
  • Supported workshop to develop options for regeneration strategy
  • Core team member on research programme on collaboration between charities
  • Set up his law firm Pro Bono scheme
Rebecca Wilson
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Top four accounting / professional services firm
  • BSc Mathematics
  • Supported obtaining user / beneficiary input into design of a children charity’s website
  • Charity collaboration case study research online and through interviews with charities/advisors
  • Various brainstorm/workshop sessions including engaging with social media, use of local community space, brand awareness of an education charity
  • Responsible for audits of two of the UK’s leading charities, and grant due diligence on behalf of major UK and EU donors.

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