Tools and Methods

This page give you access to some of the tools we frequently use in our work.  If you ‘click’ on the title or picture of any of the following you will be taken to a one page description of the tool, with the ability to download the tool and any supporting templates.

Leadership & Strategy

The Johari Window Social Market Attractiveness and Competitive Capability Matrix
L1---The-Johari-Window The Johari Window is a communication model that is used to improve understanding between individuals. S1--- Social market attractiveness and competitive capbility matrix The Social Market Attractiveness and Competitive Capability Matrix. It is an analysis tool which can help visually represent the relative attractiveness of a portfolio of market opportunities and the relative competitive capability of an organisation to maximise those opportunities.
Taking Charge of Change Change Leadership Surveys
L3 - Taking Charge of Change A three-pronged approach that defines the factors critical to successful change – beyond the right technical solution. L2 - Change Leadership Surveys Two Change Leadership Surveys: Self Assessment: a tool designed to help you self-assess how strong a change leader you are; Change History: a tool designed to help clarify why previous change programmes have succeeded or failed within the organisation.

Collaboration & Merger

House of Collaboration The Landscape Map
C1 - House of Collaboration The House of Collaboration is a simple model which articulates different types of collaboration between organisations. It can also be to map current collaborations and identify areas of future potential collaborations C4 - Landscape map The Landscape map is a simple representation of other charities and bodies within the environment in which a charity operates that impact your beneficiaries or your charity. It is useful when considering new collaboration efforts or when considering refreshing or setting a new strategic direction.
Collaboration Map – Service Focus Collaboration Map – Beneficiary Focus
C2 - Collaboration map - Service focus The Collaboration Map is a simple table of which charities provide which services. It is useful in a Strategic Planning and Development process to understand both your competitors who possibly compete for the same pot of funding and potential collaboration partners.  C3 - Collaboration map - beneficiary focus The Collaboration map is a simple table of which charities provide which services to which beneficiary groups. It is useful in a Strategic Planning and development process to understand either your competitors for funding or possible collaboration partners.

Project Management & Change

Project Governance Project Charter

P2 - Project governance
Any significant project should have a clear Project Governance.  This is especially true for a Merger or Strategic Collaboration when two Boards of Trustees and senior staff need to have clarity on who is able to make which decisions.  P1 - Project charter A Project Charter is a document which summarises the key attributes of any proposed project. Its purpose is to provide management with sufficient information to decide whether to commit the resources (mainly money & staff time) to the project.
Stakeholder Analysis Benefits Management
P4 - Stakeholder-Analysis-Web Stakeholder analysis is a means of understanding how those affected by change programme feel  at the outset and how their position needs to change in order for the project to be a success. It can be usefully applied to any change project.  P3 - Benefits-Management-Web
All organisations invest resources (time & money) in change projects in the belief that they will eventually return some overall benefit in improved performance. Benefits management is a technique to help in identifying and quantifying the expected improvement ( “the size of the prize”).