What clients say about us

“Skylark helped us bring some structure into our activities so that we could handle each problem in a disciplined way, but more importantly they helped develop our skills and confidence through sensitive coaching and the introduction of valuable tools which are being adopted into our normal ways of working.”

Margaret Williams,  Chair of Trustees

“The Skylark team has given a unique mix of skills and insights delivered with sensitivity, enthusiasm but lots of reality too, helping us to evaluate big exciting ideas but also to deliver on the harder, less exciting ones.”

James Partridge,  Chief Executive

“Skylark helped us to see ourselves as others see us. Sometimes it’s difficult to be objective when you’re in the situation. Their advice on how to help ourselves was invaluable. We could not have done it without them.”

Brian Robinson, C.B.E., Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees

“The flexibility, support & generosity of the Skylark team has made a real & significant difference to our infrastructure, reporting & ability to provide quality information.”

Neil Wragg,  Chief Executive

“Many thanks for the extremely important and useful days spent with ROC. Your hard work was clearly remembered and it is very clear that people enjoyed the whole learning experience..… believe that ROC will be grateful to Skylark for years to come.”

David Wilson, Chief Executive

 “As well as the invaluable support from Tim with the process for the development of a national database for Voice, Graham and Sally from Skylark have also offered support with business planning and marketing, two other essential areas of work which it is easy to overlook in the rush to develop and deliver our services to children and young people.”

Lynn Breckenridge, Director, Finance and Resources

“Graham and Fiona were a great help to us, clearly explaining new ideas and were patiently supporting while we caught up. They were definitely prepared to go the extra mile and the project will have lasting value.”

David Brown, Administrator

W200---Surrey-Community-Action“Skylark have really helped us understand the make-up of registered charities in Surrey . Their experience of manipulating and presenting data has been invaluable to us as a small charity.”

Kate Waller, Information Officer SCA